Sweet Beginnings and Jill Elliot
  The Little MatchMaker with the Big Heart
Serving the Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Lower Bucks and Montgomery County
Communities with Personalized Matchmaking Services
Since 1986
Many people today are finding it harder than ever to meet the right person.  Because of busier work schedules, most people do not have the time to look for that special person on their own.  Most single people today also find the singles scene to be disappointing.

If you are one of these people, my service is for you.  I provide all the groundwork for the beginning of a successful relationship.  During my 28 years of business, my personalized introduction service has resulted in many successful marriages and long term relationships.

Let Sweet Beginnings enrich your personal life.  Relax and let me do the work for you in your search for that special someone.  I will save you time and money by finding out what you want to know about the people you are interested in meeting.  Come join me now. I'm dedicated and I strive to achieve lasting relationships between deserving men and women.
About Me
In 1986 I had a unique idea.  I wanted to start an unusual introduction service where clients would feel welcome and unpressured.  I wanted to give my clients the individual and personal attention that they deserved without spending a fortune.

Armed with a master’s degree in counseling from the College of New Jersey and being a licensed therapist by trade, I always enjoyed “fixing people up” in high school and college.  I started Sweet Beginnings completely from scratch.  I did not take over this business from another franchise.  I only expected Sweet Beginnings to be a part time hobby, not a full time career.  I originally started Sweet Beginnings from my home.  At first, I did not meet my clients, I did everything by telephone.

How I Work
After an initial over-the-phone screening, I will personally meet with you for an in-depth interview at my office.  In this way I can learn more about you and, specifically, more about the type of person that you would like to meet.

Usually within a couple of working days, I will call you to discuss various members of the service who appear to meet your criteria and what you are looking for.  If one of these individuals should appeal to you, I will contact the other person and tell them about you.  If they also express an interest in meeting, I will establish a match.

Once two people have agreed that they wish to meet, I provide full names and phone numbers to both of you.  For the sake of privacy, I do not release your address.  Your address is kept in my file only.  Usually the man will contact the woman for the first meeting, although the woman can certainly choose to initiate contact.  I usually recommend that the first meeting be short, say to meet for coffee or lunch and in a place where you may talk and get acquainted with one another.

After a couple has met for the first time, I strongly recommend that they report back to me and let me know how their meeting worked out.  In this way I can determine how well I am matching you and I can also eliminate any future incompatibilities with other matches.  I do speak with both of you and the information is kept strictly confidential.

After you have been matched, I leave it up to you whether you would like another introduction.  If that is the case, I will call you once again to go over other possibilities.  With my service there is no limit to the number of people you may meet. On certain membership plans, you may place your account on hold.  If you return to the service before the original expiration date of your membership plan, I will give you credit for the months that you have been inactive.  If you do get married through my service, I do not charge you any additional commission or fee.  If you have married someone through my service or are happily dating someone, I encourage you to keep in touch with me and let me know how you are doing.

Membership Plans
I have always tried to give my clients great value and my unique, personalized touch.  I let my clients upgrade their memberships at a nominal cost.  Since I get a lot of clients through word-of-mouth, they often receive extra membership time for their referrals.

Memberships start at $299 for a trial membership.  Compare our fees to other services.  Because we are affordable, we have more members to choose from, which equals more successes!

I would love to speak with you directly rather than by e-mail.  I am very fair in the sense that I do not accept into my service people who I believe I cannot help.  That is why I would like to speak with you directly, so we can get to know each other and I will tell you honestly if my service will benefit you

Please contact me anytime directly at :

Telephone:  (215) 949-0370, or

Email: jillelliot@sweetbeginnings.info

If I am out of the office or in conference, please do not hesitate to leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible.
As my client base grew, I started interviewing almost every client in person, and my company grew overnight.  At this moment, I have about 700 members from the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.  Most of my clients are between 40 and 65 years old and are generally white collar professionals.

Many marriages and long term relationships have resulted from my service, and it continues to bring me great joy to make people happy!
About Me
How I Work
Membership Plans